Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ten Facts You Will Not Find under a Nantucket Nectars Cap

  1. In the winter, Dead Horse Valley is the best place on the island to sled. In the summer, it’s the best place to kill horses.
  2. According to Census 2000, 4.1% of Nantucket residents speak Spanish (98% of whom clean homes for a living).
  3. Betsy Anderson’s Bearded Collie “Rooter” was commonly known as the mascot of the Nantucket Antheneum (until he had to be put down in 2006 after biting a Japanese tourist).
  4. Juice guys Tom and Tom both lost their virginity near Hummock Pond on the same night... to each other.
  5. Sankaty Head Lighthouse was the site of a gruesome triple murder in 2004. Neither a motive nor a suspect was ever found.
  6. The Nantucket Historical Association Whaling Museum is one of the most boring museums in the country.
  7. During the 2007 filming of The Nanny Diaries, two local teenagers totally saw Scarlett Johansson outside of the Nantucket Bake Shop.
  8. Legend has it Nantucket’s municipal cemetery is haunted. It’s also where local legend-fabricators gather to drop acid.
  9. “Nantucket” means “The Grey Lady” in Algonquian. Shortly after learning this, European settlers finished up eradicating the island of all natives.
  10. Emily Cisneros grew up on Brant Point. She’s a huge bitch.

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mjlambie said...

Tom & Tom, it makes so much sense, did you get this list from them?