Thursday, July 9, 2009

Michael Jackson Limerick Contest FINALISTS

Nice job, everyone, on the limericks. Impressive. It was really tough to pick four finalists, so I picked five. Please cast your vote (over to the right) by COB Tuesday (and then go ahead and head home for the day). Remember, the winner gets a tee shirt of his or her choice from Vintage Vantage.

A feminine black man made hits
In the 80s and plus a few since
Embraced by the gays
He loved purple berets
oh shit I'm thinking of prince

There once was a singer called Jacko,
Who was more than a little bit wacko...
He sang for the planet,
Had a sister called Janet,
And at half time she showed us her rack-o!

There once was a spawn of Joe Jackson
Who looked far less Nubian than Saxon
How lunarly he did walk
Despite a complexion of chalk
In peace may he now be relaxin'

There once lived a singer fantastic
Who had a face made all of plastic.
Though that fact he denied
'til the day that he died
His face morph since Thriller was drastic.

The most famous pop icon of all
Gave us "Thriller", "Bad" and "Off the Wall".
And, though, later he did
Take long "naps" with young kids,
These are facts we choose not to recall.

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mjlambie said...

polls are already closed. i didn't get to cast my vote!