Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Natalie and I Are Engaged!

That's right.

On Saturday night, I asked the lovely Natalie May Beesley to marry me.

After a lovely dinner at Dr. Granville Moore's, we took a cab to the National Mall for a walk amongst the monuments. Walking along the Reflecting Pool en route to the Lincoln Memorial (with a great view of the Washington Monument and the Capitol right behind us), I stopped (when there were no people around), said some special things, and presented her with a ring. She enthusiastically accepted. We then took a cab to the Old Ebbitt Grill where we celebrated with some champagne.

She is now officially my fiancé, which sounds weird to say/write. For the time being, we are affectionately referring to each other as "Beyoncé." It doesn't make any sense, but it comes very easily off the tongue.

We are very, very happy and excited.

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