Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dexter: Leaping Legend

Last summer at the Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens, Greece, my brother, Dexter, executed one of the most brilliant freestyle walking moves I have ever seen. Unfortunately, I was watching through my camera's viewfinder, so I didn't get to take in the full glory of the breathtaking jump. The upside is that I captured it forever.

A couple of fun things to note in this photo:

  • The unbelievable air Dexter is able to get.
  • The dramatic posture that he takes (arms up, knees bent, head turned).
  • The look of sheer disbelief on the face of the girl who's watching the jump unfold before her.
  • The Sellier family in the background preparing to board a minibus.

Consider this: Freestyle walking is not an Olympic sport... yet. But if it was, I believe Dexter would be the man to beat.


Sten said...

also take note of the Parthenon just off his left shoulder. Brilliant photograph, really.

Tobias said...

Thanks, Sten, but let's really try to keep the focus on Dexter and his ridiculous athletic prowess.