Thursday, April 29, 2010

Man Eats Hummus at Party Just to Look Cool

Rob Eldridge doesn’t like hummus. He doesn’t like the way it tastes. He doesn’t like the way it smells. He doesn’t like its texture. He doesn’t even like triangle-sliced pita bread, but when he approached the snack table at his buddy Derrick’s party on Saturday night and locked eyes with the gorgeous brunette standing there—alone—holding a huge glass of Pinot grigio, he knew he had an important decision to make. The meatballs looked good—real good, but they would be messy and out him as a boorish Philistine. Going for the crudités would flag him as health-conscious but slightly feminine. And then he saw it. Hummus. He put down his Heineken, spooned himself a dollop, and artfully tonged four pita slices onto his little plate. He shot a glance at the girl before decisively sliding the first bite into his mouth. He wiped his mouth with a napkin and stepped closer to her. “How’s the Pinot?” he asked.

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