Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Michael Phelps: You Make the Call

Which of the following images is most likely to arouse U.S. Olympic hero Michael Phelps? (There may be more than one correct answer.)

A) This FHM photo of U.S. Olympic swimmer (and July 2007 Playboy cover girl) Amanda Beard:

B) This photo of U.S. Olympic swimmer (Phelps' teammate) Aaron Peirsol:


C) This Googled image of a dolphin leaping out of the water:


la concha de la lorra said...

D) Photo of Chairman Mao

sarahtank said...

My vote is for the dolphin. The way it glides through the water....so sexy.

Dad said...

Where did you take that picture of Piersol? on your yacht?