Tuesday, January 29, 2008

War for the White House... .com

So, The Onion (America's [self-professed] Finest News Source) has launched a new spin-off Web site--http://www.warforthewhitehouse.com/--dedicated to sarcastically covering America's 2008 presidential election. The content is really nothing new for fans of The Onion's printed or Web formats, but the fact that a current event as hot as the election now warrants its own mock-site deserves some attention.
I don't think anyone would argue that kids these days are getting a lot of their news from entertainment vehicles such as The Onion or--probably more likely--The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. My question is: How long before communications/public relations practitioners begin earnestly pitching hard news (with a comedic slant) to outlets such as these? Is this already happening? Let me know if it is, because if there's a firm that specializes in that kind of thing; I must work there. I would love to spend my work-days coming up with slick ways to embed strategic messages into entertainment pieces.
Now then, let me get back to reading more about Mike Huckabee's signature issue: retrieving the Ark of the Covenant.

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